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Engineering Plastic Raw Material

Types: ABS Color: Black, White, Natural, Red, Grey State of Matter: Granules Packaging Size: 25 Kg Bag
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Mechanical Purifier

Mechanical Cleaning with High Rotating Heavy-duty Rotter. It Rotates the Grinded Material & Creates Friction with wire Mesh Wall & remove dust from Material.  
by Dollplast Machinery Inc., Add to Compare
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HD Blue Drum Granules

Colour: Blue Type: Granules Material: HD Packaging Type: Bag Size: 1 mm to 2 mm
by Salasar Plastics Add to Compare
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HDPE Orange Plastic Granules

Colour: Orange Type: HDPE Material Feature: Optimum Quality Plastic Material Grade: 5502BN Melting Point190 Degree Celcius
by Madhusudan Durgesh Polymers Pvt Ltd Add to Compare
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Natural LDPE Granules

Colour: White Material: LDPE Packaging Type: Bag Packaging Size: 25 kg
by Santosh Plastic Add to Compare
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Plastic Injection Moulding Machine

Clamping Force: 60-200t Plastic Type: ABS Operation Mode: Automatic Structure: Horizontal I Deal In: New Only
by Rulex Industries Add to Compare
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HM Blown Film Plant

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit Production Capacity: 40-50 kg Power Consumption: 40 Kw
by Archana Extrusion Machinery Manufacturing Add to Compare
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PP Milky Plastic Granules

Color: White Material: Polypropylene Density (g per cube cm): 0.92 - 0.94 Tensile Strength: 22 - 29 Mpa
by Keshav Polymers Add to Compare
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Single Screw Extrusion Plant

Wire Material: Copper, Stainless Steel Max Inlet Wire Diameter (mm): 6-9 mm, 3-6 mm, 0-3 mm Automatic Grade: Semi-Automatic, Automatic Min Finish Wire Diameter (mm): 0-1 mm Output:...
by Leena Extrusion Add to Compare
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Colored Masterbatches

Pack Type: Bag Pack Size: 25 Kg Color: Available in Blue, Red, Yellow, etc
by A.P. Polymers Add to Compare
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Optical Brightener Masterbatch

Packaging Size: 25 kg Packaging Type: PP Woven Bag Usage/Application: To Give Brightness to Plastic Products Material: Plastic
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