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Nylon 66 Granules

Material: Nylon 66 Usage/Application: Plastic Moulding Density: 1.14 g/cm3 Melting Point: 268.8 Deg C Size: 1-5 mm
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Floating washer

1. Effective length: 6000mm, Width: 1500mm 2. Washing roller motor: 2.2KW+3kw 3. Qty of pushing roller: 5set 4. Material for contact with material: Stainless steel304 5. The float...
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PP Coloured Granules

Material: PP Uses: General Plastics Colour: Available In Different Colors Condition: Recycled
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Plastic Injection Moulding Machine

Operation Mode: Automatic Capacity ( ton per day): 50 to 100 Structure: Horizontal Clamping Force: 100-300 ton, 0-100 ton, 300-500 ton Plastic Type: PET, PP, PE
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LLDPE Plastic Granules

Packaging Type: PP Bag Packaging Size: 1-30 Kg Form: Granules Material: LLDPE Plastic
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Eco Pro Doors

DIMENSIONS: 36 × 84 cm COLOR: Green, Grey, Red, White, Without Paint
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LDPE Regrind

Place of Origin: Asia & USA Appearance: Flakes Quality: Washed, Unwashed Packing: 25Kg, 50Kg, 1000Kg jumbo Bag Source: Post industrial and Commercial scrap Usage: Suitable for mak...
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8mm Recycled Plastic Sheet

Thickness: 8mm Size: 8X4 Square Feet Color: Grey Shape: Rectangular Usage/Application: Special For Paver Blocks Sheet Weight: 25-30kg Country of Origin: Made in India Material: Rec...
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FB1520 HDPE HM-HDPE Film Granules

Color: White Density:952 kg/m3 Grade: FB1520 Material: HDPE Plastic Melting Temperature: 133 Degree Celsius Form: Granules Melt Flow Rate MFR (190 deg C/2.16 kg): 0.1 g/10 min Mel...
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Black LDPE Granules

Colour: Black Material: LDPE Packaging Type: Bag Packaging Size: 25 kg
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Pink HDPE Granule

Usage/Application: Plastic Industry Color: Pink Grade: Industrial Material: HDPE Plastic Thickness: 2 mm
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