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UV Stabilizer Masterbatches

Company : SKE Masterbatches   |   Raw Material / Re Processed / Masterbatches

UV Stabilizer Masterbatches

Product Code: RECY-SK-UV-3785
Company: SKE Masterbatches

Prevents Early Degradation
Prevents Colour Fading
Increase Plastic life

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UV Stabilizer Masterbatches are used to prevent the formation of free radicals, thus protecting the polymer chain to break. As a result, mechanical properties of the polymers will try to remain same even after exposure of Sun rays (outdoor application). UV light is normally defined as wavelength of light within the region of 280-400nm, while visible light is within 400-800nm. UV light is then subdivided further into UV-A (the lower wavelengths, region around 310nm) and UV-B (slightly higher wavelengths region at around 350nm). Sunlight intensity and composition varies according to latitude, atmospheric effects like humidity etc. So it is important that the additive (or more normally the combination of additives) is selected to suit the exact application. It is therefore important to identify where in the world a final product will be used and the required life span. Other factors that affect the choice of UV stabilization package include product dimensions, type and colour of pigments present and application information such as food or pesticide contact.


  • Low Dosage

  • Cost Effective

  • Prevents Early Degradation

  • Prevents Colour Fading

  • Increase Plastic life

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