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UV Masterbatch

Company : Palavi Industries Limited   |   Raw Material / Re Processed / Masterbatches

UV Masterbatch

Product Code: RECY-PA- U-3074
Company: Palavi Industries Limited

Material: UV Plastic
Packaging Type: Packet
Usage/Application: Blow Molding
Color: White
Country of Origin: Made in India

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  • Uv radiation (40-440 nm) is quite damaging to plastic surface & by photodegradation & then by oxidation the chalking of surface starts & polymer loose color value & mechanical properties.

  • Palvi uv masterbatches extends the useful life of plastic products by protecting them from effect of sunlight or other source of ultraviolet radiation.

  • Uv masterbatches contains uv inhibitors to protect plastic by absorbing harmful wavelength or interfering with the free radical formation of the polymer molecule from uv exposure.

  • Hal type of uv absorbers are used in conc. Of 10%-20% in various polymers like pe/pp/pet/pbt/san/pc & ldr depends upon protection duration & may vary from 1%-3%.

  • Major application areas for uv mb are green house film , packaging films , household items, furniture, auto components, compounding & roto moulded products.

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