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Two Stage Pet Preform Injection Moulding Machine Pm Series

Company : Dura Exports Pvt Ltd   |   Machineries / Recycling Machinery / Molding Machinery

Two Stage Pet Preform Injection Moulding Machine Pm Series

Product Code: RECY-DU-TW-4637
Company: Dura Exports Pvt Ltd

Machine Range: 165 tons to 385 tons
Shot Weight: 895 gms to 4997 gms

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

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This PM-series is double stage (seperate screw for pre-plasticizing & piston for Injection) pre-form machine which ensures low A.A.levels and very high throughout with outstanding melt quality. PM series provide the high performance of the injection unit and precise for high productivity with help of the robotic handling system to reduce the cycle time. Aside from the injection machine, the pre-form system is a turnkey production system including mold, robotic handling system, granule drying system, re-circulating air conditioning for the mold, and refrigeration system.

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