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Transparent Filler Masterbatches

Company : Kandui Industries Pvt Ltd   |   Raw Material / Re Processed / Masterbatches

Transparent Filler Masterbatches

Product Code: RECY-KA-TR-3847
Company: Kandui Industries Pvt Ltd

Pack Size: 25 kgs
Pack Type: PP woven sack
Carrier Resin: LLDPE
Ageing time: 2 years
Corrosion Type: Corrosion less
Bulk Density: 1.050+/- 0.050
Heat Stability: 300 C
Melting Point: 130
Moisture: Less than 0.1 %

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

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We offers a wide range of transparent fillers for woven sacks, blown films, mouldings and thermoforming.

Some salient masterbatches in this range include :

  • This group includes the transparent fillers for Tape plant. Talc based fillers for colour and white tapes can be added so as to maintain tenacity and stiffness without compromising the colour and transparency.

  • Fillers for lamination for HDPE and PP woven sacks allow higher addition levels without affecting the bonding properties, superior quality products in this range can be used for polyester and PP fibre cloth lamination in automobile nets.

  • Economic transparent fillers for HM, HDPE,LLDPE and LDPE used for manufacturing liners and carry bags. These products offer very good dispersion,good gloss and strength in the final product.

  • KIPL has developed a new filler Masterbatch for use in thick multilayer films like milk pouches. Techno STD apart from reducing costs it maintain gloss and improves the dart Impact of the film with increased opacity.

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