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T50A010A HDPE Raffia Granules

T50A010A HDPE Raffia Granules

Product Code: RECY-M.-T5-955
Company: M. S. Plast

Grade: T50A010A
Material: HDPE Plastic
Form: Granules
Melt Flow Index (I2): 1.10 g/10min
Density (at 23 deg C): 0.950 g/cc
Tensile Strength @ yield: 230 kg/cm2
Elongation @ yield: 12 %
Flexural Modulus: 9000 kg/cm2
Vicat Softening Point: 123 deg C

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

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  • T50A010 is suitable for manufacturing low denier stretched tape products like Tarpaulins, Wrapping fabric for industrial and consumer uses, Woven sacks and other stretched tape products with optimum combination of tenacity and elongation.

  • It has excellent processability with low water carry over and high stretchabi

  • Barrel temperature: 200 -2600C

  • Die temperature: 245 -2600C 

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