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Slip Masterbatches

Company : Universal Masterbatch   |   Raw Material / Re Processed / Masterbatches

Slip Masterbatches

Product Code: RECY-UN-SL-3318
Company: Universal Masterbatch

Pack Type: Bags
Form: Granules
Color: White
Shape: Cylindrical pallets
Pack Size: 25 kg or As Per Order
Material: Mono/ multilayer film

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Slip Masterbatches are based on amide additives, which migrates to the surface of the extruded/moulded plastic product and offers a mono molecular layer. This layer reduces the coefficient of friction (C.O.F.) between the layers of the film and other surfaces which are in contact with the film. It ensures superior handling properties in automotive packaging application and also doesn't effect the sealing and printing properties. These are mainly used in mono/multilayer films etc

Features :

  • Facilitates excellent packaging of automotive products

  • No effects on the printing and sealing properties

  • Forms a mono- molecular layer

  • Reduction in coefficient of friction

  • Enhances the smoothness of films

  • Forms a lubrication layer on the film

  • Overcomes film tackiness

  • Improves film machinability

  • Reduces film- to- metal adhesion

Applications :

  • Mono and multilayer films

  • Extruded sheet and foam

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