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Silicone Masterbatches

Company : Universal Masterbatch   |   Raw Material / Re Processed / Masterbatches

Silicone Masterbatches

Product Code: RECY-UN-SI-3317
Company: Universal Masterbatch

Material: Silicone
Form: Granules
Pack Type: Bags
Color: Blue
Pack Size: 25 kg or As per Order
Usage: Used in HDPE optical fiber ducts

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Silicone Masterbatch is formulated with polyethylene in which poly-dimethyl-siloxane additives with ultra-high molecular weight are dispersed properly. This type of masterbatch is specifically used for enhancing the abrasion resistance in the end products along with imparting lubricity and minimizing lowering coefficient of friction.

Features :

  • Poly-dimethyl-siloxane additives

  • Enhances the resistance of plastic against abrasions

  • Improves the lubricity properties

  • Reduction in friction coefficient

  • Reduced breakage when ejecting parts

  • Lower injection pressure

  • Translucent off white granules

  • Excellent light fastness

  • 50% silicone content

  • Good heat stability

Applications :

  • HDPE optical fiber ducts

  • Silicone core pipes

  • HDPE boxes and bottles

  • Packaging films

  • Automotive interiors

  • Injection moulded items

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