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S42005 Reliance HDPE HM-HDPE Film Granules

S42005 Reliance HDPE HM-HDPE Film Granules

Product Code: RECY-M.-S4-1019
Company: M. S. Plast

Grade: S42005
Material: HDPE Plastic
Form: Granules
Density (23 deg C): 0.946 g/cc
Melt Flow Index (190oC/2.16 kg): 0.55 g/10 min
Tensile S trength at Yield: 20.0 MPa
Elongation at Break: 500 %
Flexural Modulus: 600 MPa
ESCR, F50: 500 hr
Softening Point: 118 Degree Celsius

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

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SS42005 Reliance HDPE HM-HDPE Film Granules is a Natural Polyethylene Grade Recommended As A Base Resin for Sheathing/ Jacketing In jelly-filled telecommunications Cables. It Is designed To Provide Excellent Processing Characteristics and Formulated To Offer Superior Physical / Electrical Insulation Properties Including Good environmental Stress Crack Resistance.


  • Base resin-Sheathing/ jacketing of PIJF cables and jacketing of optical fibre cables.

Storage Recommendations:

  • Bags should be stored in dry/ closed conditions at temperatures below 50°CandprotectedfromUV/ direct sunlight.

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