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Reliance PP Random Copolymer Injection Moulding Granules

Company : M. S. Plast   |   Raw Material / Re Processed / PP Granules

Reliance PP Random Copolymer Injection Moulding Granules

Product Code: RECY-M.- R-961
Company: M. S. Plast

Brand: Reliance
Color: White
Material: Polypropylene
Form: Granules
Grade: SRM100NC
Melt Flow Rate (230 deg C/2.16 kg): 12 gm/10 min
Tensile Strength at Yield (50mm/min): 30 MPa
Elongation at Yield (50mm/min): 12 %
Flexural Modulus (1% secant);1100 MPa
Notched Izod Impact Strength(23 deg C): 65 J/m

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

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 Reliance PP Random Copolymer Injection Moulding Granules SRM100NC is recommended for Injection Molding and stretch blow molding process. It is an ideal material for making high clarity containers, houseware, syringes and ISBM products. The grade contains clarifier and antistatic agent that reduces static charge build-up on products.


  • Clarified random copolymer for rigid containers, houseware, ISBM bottles, syringes. The grade is not intended to be used for any medical or pharmaceutical application.

Storage Recommendations: 

  • Bags should be stored in dry / closed conditions at temperatures below 50°C and protected from UV / direct sunlight

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