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Reliance PP Injection Moulding 20 MFI

Company : Raychand Enterprise   |   Raw Material / Re Processed / PP Granules

Reliance PP Injection Moulding 20 MFI

Product Code: RECY-RA-RE-697
Company: Raychand Enterprise

Packaging Type: PVC Bag
Usage: Clear thin wall containers, multi-cavity moulding, syringes
Brand: Reliance
Packaging size: 25 kg
Physical state: Granules

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

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  • Reliance PP Injection Moulding 20 MFI H200MK is recommended for use in Injection Moulding processes. It is an ideal material to use in moulding syringes and clear, rigid articles with intricate, long flow paths and multi cavity moulding. Reliance PP Injection Moulding 20 MFI H200MK contains a clarifier and antistatic agent that reduces

  • static charge build-up on products.

  • Reliance PP Injection Moulding 20 MFI H200MK complies with the systemic and intracutaneous tests with four different extractants as per USP XXIX and IP96. The grade

  • also complies with undue toxicity test as per E.P. and skin irritation test as per I.S

Typical Characteristics

Test Method Unit Typical Value**
Melt Flow Rate (230°C/2.16 kg) ASTM D1238 g/10 min 20
Tensile Strength at Yield (50mm/min) ASTM D638 MPa 35
Elongation at Yield (50mm/min) ASTM D638 % 11
Flexural Modulus (1% secant ) ASTM D790A MPa 1700
Notched Izod Impact strength (23°C) ASTM D256 J/m 26
Heat Deflection Temperature (455 kPa) ASTM D648 °C 120

  • Typical values, not to be taken as specifications. All the mechanical properties as per ASTM D638 Type I specimen injection moulded in accordance with ASTM D4101


  • Clear thin wall containers, multi cavity moulding, syringes

Regulatory Information

  • Meets the requirements stipulated in IS 10910 on ‘Specification for Polypropylene and its Copolymers for safe use in contact with foodstuff, pharmaceuticals, and drinking water. Additives incorporated in this grade conform to the positive list of constituents as prescribed in IS 10909. The grade and the additives incorporated in it also comply with the FDA: CFR Title 21,177.1520, Olefin polymers

Storage Recommendations

  • Bags should be stored in dry/closed conditions at temperatures below 50°C and protected from UV / direct sunlight

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