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Reliance HDPE PE 100 Pipes 0.3 MFI

Company : Raychand Enterprise   |   Raw Material / Re Processed / HDPE Granules

Reliance HDPE PE 100 Pipes 0.3 MFI

Product Code: RECY-RA-RE-642
Company: Raychand Enterprise

Usage: PE-100 Pressure Pipe
Brand: Reliance
Packaging size: 25 kg
Physical state: Granules
Packaging Type: PVC bag

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

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We are a unique entity in the industry, actively committed to offering an optimum quality range of Reliance HDPE PE 100 Pipes 0.3 MFI  46GP003.


  • This grade meets the MFI, Density & Hydrostatic strength requirements of material grade PE-100 as per IS: 4984. When incorporated with an adequate quantity of carbon black as specified in clause 5.2.3 of IS: 4984, pipes will meet PE:100 requirements.

  • Pipes made from Reliance HDPE PE 100 Pipes 0.3 MFI 46GP003 grade passes the Internal Pressure Creep Rupture Test when tested with 5.5 MPa induced stress at 80 o C for 165 hrs and with 5.7 MPa induced stress at 80 o C for 48 hrs as per clause 8.1 of IS 4984, thereby meeting the requirements of PE100 grade.

  • The grade conforms to ISO 4427 specification shown and has been certified for MRS> 10MPa as per ISO 9080.


Property Test Method Unit Remarks
Hydrostatic Pressure Test ISO 1167 Hrs  
12.4 Mpa@ 20C     >100
5.4 Mpa @ 80 C     >165
5.0 Mpa @ 80 C     >1000
MRS ISO 9080 MPa >8.0
SCG ISO 13479 Hrs >500

Typical Characteristics


Property Test Method Unit Typical Value**
Melt Flow Index (190 C/5.0 Kg) ASTM D1238 gm/10 min 0.3
Density (23 o C) ASTM D1505 gm/cm 3 0.945
Thermal Stability (O.I.T.) 200 o C ASTM D3895 Min >30
Tensile Strength at Yield ASTM D638 MPa 28
Elongation at Break ASTM D638 % >600
Flexural Modulus ASTM D790 MPa 850
Notched Izod Impact Strength ASTM D256 J/m No Break
ESCR, F 50 ASTM D1693 Hrs >1000
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