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Regenerated Plastic Sheet

Company : Nasa Industries   |   Recycled Products / Industrial / Plastic Sheet

Regenerated Plastic Sheet

Product Code: RECY-NA-RE-3422
Company: Nasa Industries

Minimum Order Quantity: 1600 Square FootShape: Rectangular
Weight (Kilogram): 80-100 kg
Heat Resistance (Degree Celsius): Up to 60 Degree Celsius
Capacity: 200 Tonnes
Features: Water resistant, Fire retardant, Heat resistant upto 60 Degree Celsius, Termite Proof, Borer Proof, Fungus Proof, Unbreakable, Shock Proof
Density: 1.12 gm/cc

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Regenerated Plastic Sheet is excellent substitute for PVC Sheets and Plywood Sheets.

  • Our sheets of thickness 8mm can easily substitute 18mm Plywood Sheets.

Regenerated Plastic Sheet is

  • 100 % Water Proof

  • 100 % fire retardant and Heat resistant up to 60 degree Celsius

  • 100% bacteria free / Termite free / Fungus free

  • 100% Shock Proof

  • It can easily bear load up to 200 Tonnes in the static condition.


  • Portable Toilet Cabins, Plastic Bathroom Doors, Furniture, Shuttering, Civil Construction

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