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Recycled Plastic Sleek Book Shelves

Company : The Shakti Plastic Industries   |   Recycled Products / Household / Furniture

Recycled Plastic Sleek Book Shelves

Product Code: RECY-TH-RE-1074
Company: The Shakti Plastic Industries

Material: Recycled MLP
Height: 2500 mm
Width: 600 mm
Weight: ~10-15 Kg

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

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Ideal stand for novels, magazines and also mementoes. An attractive wall corner with a sleek and modifiable design with a LED light installed at the top.


  • Multipurpose shelf – can accommodate books

  • Trophies

  • Mementos

  • Showpieces

  • Display products


  • Colleges and Schools

  • Corporate offices

  • Lobbies of hotels, Bookstores

  • Doctors’ clinics

  • Sports Clubs

  • Public Libraries

  • Residential Purposes

  • Display Shelves in Cafes and Retail Stores and Salons

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