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The Shakti Plastics Industries and FeelGood Eco-Nurture launch the innovative Paver Block Tile (S-Tile) range

Posted By : Fiona Fernandes   |   Date : Nov 1 2021 1:14 PM

The Shakti Plastics Industries and FeelGood Eco-Nurture launch the innovative Paver Block Tile  (S-Tile) range

For the first time in Maharashtra, a unique S-Tile that is made completely from waste plastics was launched on October 31, 2021. This tile was launched jointly by The Shakti Plastics Industries (TSPI) and FeelGood Eco-Nurture. This patented technology of recycling non-recyclable multi-layered plastics (MLP) such as biscuits, chips, and chocolate packets is the brainchild of young minds Mr.Sharang Ambadkar and Mr.Varad Tole. These tiles have been installed at Borivali East, Mumbai

An overview of the S-Tile

Plastics have always been a highly spoken about the problem, out of this the MLP is the major concern to the environment as these materials are difficult to recycle and mostly end up in the landfills or the oceans. With this concept in mind, the two budding entrepreneurs of FeelGood Eco-Nurture from Mumbai along with the expertise and support of TSPI collaborated to work implement this one-of-its-kind technology innovation of developing a composite injection mouldable material made by recycling MLP. This material is used to manufacture the S-Tile which is an interlocking paver block that has passed all tests and the required certifications from NABL certified Labs to meet superior quality and sustainable benefits as compared to currently used concrete tiles.

These two companies have a common goal of creating products from waste that help the economy to stay in the loop and not end up in landfills. These tiles are built to make the user Feel Good that is where the name rightly comes from. These products are built on an ideology of a sustainable solution to resolve the problem of non-degradable plastic and construction debris, and the exploitation of natural resources. The processed composite constituting of FG Eco-Tiles is recyclable and so they have a bring-back policy in their business model to incentivize customers and add more material life cycles. The weight of the tiles is significantly lesser than conventional blocks and tiles while being at par in terms of strength and tend to have a longer life. At the end of its production cycle, the product itself can be reused as a raw material for future production, closing the loop of its life cycle. The important features are the easy processing of the composite, and the transformation of it into a large range of products, thereby fundamentally enhancing air quality due to a reduction in plastic incineration, a drop in carbon emissions, and the consumption of fossil fuels. All these factors help the manufacturer to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030

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