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Single-use plastic items will be prohibited in a phased manner in Delhi, action plan is made.

Posted By : Deepak Naik   |   Date : Jan 29 2022 11:00 AM

Single-use plastic items will be prohibited in a phased manner in Delhi, action plan is made.

Taking a step forward to make an eco-friendly environment, the Delhi government has planned to ban single-use plastic goods. The Delhi government took to Twitter to announce that the usage of plastic items will be prohibited in a phased manner. Further, an action plan on this matter has been developed by the state's Department of Environment

According to the proposal, the government aims to discontinue single-use plastic items like cutlery, banners, plastic bags as well as wrappers. Further, it has been advised to use bags made of paper, clothes, or jute instead of plastic. The draft policy also reveals that non-woven bags with a thickness of fewer than 240 microns will also be prohibited. 

Delhi govt's earlier advice on Plastic items ban

In addition to this, earlier in the month of October 2021, the Delhi govt had advised all governmental departments, along with the autonomous bodies, to avoid using single-use plastic products like plastic cutlery, thermocol, as well as banners and urged them to use earthen bowls and bamboo items. According to an instruction from the Delhi Environment Department, Biodegradable clay cups, also known as 'kulladh' and 'pattals' which are generally made from tree leaves, bamboo food containers were asked to use in place of single-use plastic goods. 

It even claimed that biodegradable packaging paper should be utilised for wrapping. Further, it stated that refill ball pens or ink pens should be used instead of use-and-throw pens. Furthermore, as per the instruction, natural flowers, paper materials, and fabric must be used for decoration instead of thermocol, polythene, and cellophane sheets.  

According to the order by the environment department, “With the aim to minimize the use of single-use plastics in day-to-day life and prevent adverse effects on human beings, cattle, soil, environment and ecology, environment-friendly alternatives may be used for all official purposes as well as in day-to-day life.” 

Moreover, single-use plastic items are made of plastic and are intended to be discarded after a single usage. A vast number of goods are included in this category based on that description. From a throwaway straw to a disposable syringe, these all fall into the category. 


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