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Schoolkids to take part in drive to recycle milk packets in Ludhiana

Posted By : Deepak Naik   |   Date : Feb 21 2022 7:54 AM

Schoolkids to take part in drive to recycle milk packets in Ludhiana

Ludhiana: A new initiative named ‘Milk Bag Recycling Project’ has been taken up by Ludhiana Cares Ladies Society (LCLS ) in collaboration with the city schools, which is drawing enthusiastic responses from the representatives. With an objective to start a collection and disposal system where milk packets can be recycled properly, the volunteers in collaboration with schools are aiming to create awareness as to how milk packets should be cut and disposed of.

President of Ludhiana Cares Ladies Society Kitty Bakshi said, “Milk bags are used by us daily and if not disposed of responsibly, they cause extreme damage to the environment. We tried to educate people on waste management a decade back but there was a lackluster response.”“ Therefore, we have started with school children as they are more involved and far-sighted when it comes to the environment. Milk bags should be rinsed, dried, and folded properly and it is a doable thing. We would be putting up collection boxes in schools, parks, and milk suppliers. More people should come forward to make it a mass moment for our city and environment,” she added.

As of now, 6 schools are part of this initiative where an activity has been assigned to school students.

JK Sidhu, principal of DAV School, BRS Nagar, who is also a regional officer of DAV schools in Ludhiana region, said, “ A video has circulated with other schools and they also liked the idea and would join in too, making it a mass moment. We are going to involve families of students and staff members. Most of the households are buying milk bags and we would install drop boxes outside school gates so that school students, as well as residents of the local area, can drop milk bags in them.”

Sharing the process, JK Sidhu adds, “ There will be uniformity in the whole process, as dropbox would be manufactured, according to design and installed outside school. This is not a day or two activity, gradually it will become a routine affair. This one item can build up momentum and other items can be taken care of.”

Mentioning that the idea has been adopted from a Mumbai-based NGO, another member from LCLS said, “ An educative video is also being circulated on social media and with school students against snipping the corners of packets of milk to pour the liquid out. Instead, a slight slit is enough to empty it, and by not cutting all the way through, one can save a large number of plastic bits from littering the land.” The main issue which needs attention is that the packets should be thoroughly rinsed and dried. These packets will be sent to the main collection center and then to a licensed recycler in Delhi. Other city schools which are part of this milk bag project are BCM Arya School, Shastri Nagar, Nankana Public School, Gill Road and BCM Basant Avenue.

Source: TOI

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