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Mahindra & Mahindra Unveils an End-to-End Vehicle Scrappage Solution

Posted By : Amol Mishra   |   Date : Apr 8 2021 6:13 AM

Mahindra & Mahindra Unveils an End-to-End Vehicle Scrappage Solution

The Automotive Giant, Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M), has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Mahindra MSTC Recycling Pvt Ltd (MMRPL) to provide its customers with a first-of-its-kind end-to-end vehicle scrapping solution. Under the brand name CERO, MMRPL is in the business of purchasing used/end-of-life vehicles to remove and scrap.

Veejay Ram Nakra, the CEO of the Automotive Division at Mahindra & Mahindra, commented that though the Vehicle Scrappage Policy will come into effect in some time, we have prepared in advance to help our customers who are willing to turn their old vehicles into scrap. 

Mahindra dealerships, in collaboration with CERO, will provide:

- Vehicle assessment

- Arrange for a quote for the vehicle's exchange/scrappage value 

- Include end-to-end facilities, such as vehicle pickup, transportation, and environmentally sustainable dismantling at CERO scrapyards

- After that, CERO will issue a Certificate of Deposit/Destruction (COD), which will enable customers to demand qualifying benefits under the upcoming Scrappage Policy.

- According to the company, the agreement with MMRPL would enable customers to get a simple and straightforward offer all in one place. Any customer who wants to buy a new Mahindra vehicle by scrapping or exchanging an older vehicle that is over 15 years old can do so at any Mahindra dealership.

Veejay Nakra added that with such programmes in place we will be able to save a lot of consumer time and money by eliminating the need to find a car scrapping business or dealer. This is particularly important in light of the new vehicle scrappage policy announced in the Lok Sabha by the Minister for Road, Transport and Highways on March 18, 2021, which aims to create an ecosystem to replace old and polluting vehicles. Given the COVID 19 situation, Mahindra is providing a vehicle evaluation at the customer's doorstep to enable customers to stay at home.

In January 2018, Mahindra MSTC Recycling, a joint venture between Mahindra Intertrade and MSTC Ltd, a government of India enterprise, opened India's first automotive and steel recycling plant, CERO, in Greater Noida. It is India's first pollution-free, well-organized recycling facility. At the cutting-edge plant, end-of-life vehicles are collected, de-polluted, and dismantled. The facility is committed to zero emissions, and the automated plant will recycle old trucks, buses, cars, two- and three-wheelers, as well as consumer durables.

The recycled raw materials from the vehicles would be distributed to businesses that can use them, assuming that they meet strict quality and sustainability standards. Automotive steel is one of the best steels available because it is quickly melted and remade, which aids the circular economy situation.

“CERO is India's first authorised recycler for motor vehicles designed on the PPP model,” says Sumit Issar, Managing Director of Mahindra Intertrade. We have dismantling and collection centres in Greater Noida, Pune, and Chennai, as well as major cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, and Chandigarh.

Mahindra has recently launched a first-of-its-kind self-evaluation method – Insta Cash Offer (ICO) – as part of its Online Digital platform, with a focus on consumer convenience. Here customers would be able to self-evaluate their vehicles and receive an instant bid for them, at their leisure. Several steps have been taken by the company to provide creative, digital, and versatile solutions to all segments of its customers.


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