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Karnataka biomedical waste generation capacity climbs to fifth position

Posted By : Abhijeet Singh   |   Date : May 31 2021 12:38 PM

Karnataka biomedical waste generation capacity climbs to fifth position

India is at the peak of the COVID crisis. The pandemic has affected many lives and caused hundreds to fall prey to death every day, especially in the last few months than it did in the previous year. One of the worse affected states on the list is Karnataka, which eventually placed it in the fifth position in terms of biomedical waste generation.

As per the information sourced from Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), Karnataka recorded around 17 tons of Biomedical Waste generation, a volume regarded highest when compared to the previous peak volume obtained in August 2020.

The positioning above Karnataka, in terms of Biomedical Waste Generation capacity, is Kerala with a humongous 23.71 TPD, where Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Delhi recorded volume of 21.98, 19.02, and 18.79 respectively.

Accounting for the country’s entire biomedical waste generated between January to May, it is reported to be a total of 203 TDP.

Biomedical waste is produced primarily during the treatment/diagnosis of patients with Corona. As per the Biomedical Waste Management (BMW) Rules, 2016, the waste produced must be managed strictly according to the guidelines provided.

When comparing monthly BMW figures in Karnataka, it can be seen that the BMW produced in May is the highest since August 2020, when the pandemic's first wave hit the state.

Several complaints concerning the improper handling of BMW have long been made. The types of grievances included unauthorized transfers to unlicensed recyclers, dumping, and high pollution from incinerators, untreated wastewater discharge, and unsafe transportation, among others.

As a result, the CPCB issued guidelines for "Handling, care, and disposal of waste produced during treatment, diagnosis, and quarantine of COVID-19 Patient" to help waste generators and common disposal facilities collect, transport, and dispose of COVID waste safely.

To monitor the Biomedical Waste generated due to COVID-19, an app has been designed to facilitate the COVID-19 BMW generator, SPCB, and the operators of the BMW facility to submit and record the data regularly.

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