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Jagruth Tech turning chocolate wrappers and snacks packets into home decor.

Posted By : Deepak Naik   |   Date : Jan 28 2022 10:11 AM

Jagruth Tech turning chocolate wrappers and snacks packets into home decor.

From smart pick-up of waste at doorsteps to tackling the plastic menace, Jagruth Tech turns chocolate wrappers and snacks packets into home decor and other products.

The chocolate wrapper or chips packet you threw away today, could actually find its way into your home as a piece of furniture, home décor item, stationery, or even the roof of your house. Jagruth Tech is actually doing that, and reducing the amount of plastic waste Mysuru City Corporation has to deal with.

There are alternatives to plastic, but it is a new-age reality that is difficult to avoid as it is cheap, says Mr. Darshan, one of the directors of Jagruth Tech Private Limited, a waste plastic recycling unit that he set up at Excel Plant in JP Nagar. “We talk about plastic and polythene bags but forget chocolate wrappers and snacks packets that are as much responsible for the degradation of the environment,” says Darshan.

Ragpickers segregate the plastic waste at the plant daily. Plastic bottles and bags are separated according to thickness. First, they shred the plastic, then clean the covers and run it through a hot press.

Chocolate wrappers and snack packets, which contain aluminium, are processed to create plastic boards. These boards can be used as an alternative to plywood. This plywood can lend itself to sawing, moulding, cutting, gluing, screwing and nailing, just like any other type of board. Another major advantage of recycling chocolate wrappers is that they are waterproof and act as heat insulators.

The team has been turning plastic waste into products like interlocking pavers, furniture (table, chair, decorative stand), home décor items, office stationery, materials for ceilings and other products that are used in interior works of the house.


Plastic is waterproof, formaldehyde-freepowder-free, sound-proof, a heat insulator, low on cost. Also, termites don’t eat plastic. We can save wood by using plastic as these sheets are a good replacement for plywood.

"Cotton or paper bags and other bags consume more energy and create a larger carbon footprint than plastic while being manufactured. A single recycled paper bag produces 2.1 kg of carbon dioxide, while a recycled plastic bag produces 1.3 kg of carbon dioxide," Darshan said.

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