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IIT Delhi Makes a Green Move by achieving a Significant Cut-down in its Carbon Footprint

Posted By : Deepak Naik   |   Date : Apr 5 2021 5:31 AM

IIT Delhi Makes a Green Move by achieving a  Significant Cut-down in its Carbon Footprint

Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi is winning praise for becoming the first Centrally-funded institution of India to achieve a remarkable 50% cut-down on its carbon footprint.

The energy mark achieved was a result of the bilateral 2 Megawatt power purchase contract between the IIT and the Himachal based Hydropower firm. IIT director V Ramgopal Rao said that there is a provision of open access given in the Electricity Act 2003 which gives liberty of buying power from the generators of your choice but through bilateral contracts or energy exchange. IIT Delhi, made use of the provisions via PTC India Ltd to help them identify the source of clean energy.

Currently, IIT Delhi houses 2.7 Megawatt power of rooftop solar PV installation. An addition of 2 MW of hydropower, has raised their green power purchase portfolio to a total of 4.7 Megawatts.

The IIT director added that going for green power through open access surely displays our tendency towards sustainability and a clean energy future. By availing of such energy sources, we are consciously progressing towards our target of making our campus clean, green and sustainable.

The IIT Delhi expects to see their institution as the pivotal point of contact for other organisations and institutes willing to avail of this facility.

Investing in Green energy isn’t the first time when one of the premier engineering institutions of India made a green move. In fact, IIT Delhi is already known to have e-Rickshaws running across the campus. And has installed solid waste management and a 1.5 MLD capacity Sewage treatment facility inside the campus.

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