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HP Rolls-out First-of-its-Kind Consumer PCs Made Entirely Out of Ocean Plastic Waste

Posted By : Amol Mishra   |   Date : Apr 9 2021 8:32 AM

HP Rolls-out First-of-its-Kind Consumer PCs Made Entirely Out of Ocean Plastic Waste

What could be better, or maybe an eco-friendly thing, than leafing through a sustainability story over a PC made entirely out of Ocean plastic waste! 

Hewlett-Packard, better known as HP, being one of the most popular tech brands in the world, has successfully risen to its commitment for sustainability by making the first-ever consumer PC using Ocean Plastic Waste. 

The Tech giant revealed that the recently launched Pavilion 13, Pavilion 14, and Pavilion 15 Laptops were manufactured using plastic waste drawn completely from the ocean. These Pavilion PCs, according to HP, have Wi-Fi 6, which will provide up to four times faster Wi-Fi speeds. It will also have a 75 percent reduction in latency.

According to HP, using these plastics in applications can prevent 92,000 plastic bottles from entering the oceans and landfills. The outer boxes and fibre cushions used to package the items are also 100% recyclable.

Vikram Bedi, the Senior Director of Personal Systems at HP India, when speaking to the sources told that PCs, today, have become an indispensable component of our lives.

HP is a member of NextWave Plastics, a group of international technology and consumer brands working together in the spirit of cooperation and openness to create the world's first global network of ocean-bound plastics supply chains to reduce the amount of plastic litter entering the ocean.

Lonely Whale, an award-winning incubator for courageous innovations that accelerate market-based progress on behalf of our ocean, brings together NextWave's nine global member companies.

By the end of 2025, NextWave member organisations will have diverted a minimum of 25,000 tonnes of plastics from entering the ocean, the equivalent of 1.2 billion single-use plastic water bottles, under UN SDG 14.1.

As part of its unique operating model for recycling in Haiti, the company revealed in 2019 that it had upcycled more than one million pounds of ocean-bound plastic bottles. HP's ocean-bound plastic efforts are generating new opportunities for economic advancement and education in local areas, in addition to protecting the oceans and the planet.

In Haiti, HP's collaboration with the First Mile Coalition has resulted in the creation of more than 1,100 job opportunities for adults and the provision of quality education, food, and medical care to 150 children.

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