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Government should create awareness towards e-waste management : Justice Subhash Adi at Recommerce Expo 2022

Posted By : Deepak Naik   |   Date : May 20 2022 5:49 AM

Government should create awareness towards e-waste management : Justice Subhash Adi at Recommerce Expo 2022

The State government should conduct extensive programmes to create awareness among the people that 80% of the generated e-waste can be effectively reused, said justice Subhash Adi, President, Committee of national tribunal for Karnataka solid management. 

After inaugurating the three-day Recommerce Expo 2022, the biggest expo of e-waste and reuse of the e-waste, organized by Urdhva management in Bengaluru. Justice Subhash Adi said, In the coming years, e-waste management will become the biggest problem in the world, which has to be tackled systematically. 80% of e-waste generated is possible. Much work is to be done in terms of this modern adequate maintenance, reuse and processing. The solid waste management act was enacted in 2016 which allows waste management also. "But, the public awareness about e-waste generation is very less which is the major drawback for the effective implementation of the act," he said. 

"Institutions and departments need to fix this need and take effective action in this regard. And the real entrepreneurs involved in waste management should be encouraged. In addition, they should be provided with technology that is environmentally friendly," he added. The Chairperson of Karnataka State Pollution Control Board, Shantha Thimmaiah said, As October 14 is celebrated as the e-waste day across the world. On this backdrop, we have been conducting awareness programs for a month in the state. The country has generated 2.3 million tonnes of e-waste from 2019 to 2020. In our state, 0.1 million waste is generated and its management is very challenging. Much of the generated e-waste is being refined through the unorganized sector. This causes a lot of damage to the environment. To prevent this we are facing a lack of the right infrastructure and the funding. I do assure that these industries will be given all the cooperation required by the Environmental Pollution Control Board" he said. He also promised to take action on granting permission.

KPCC president Eshwara Khandre said, that pollution has become a curse to mankind. Solids, feces, e-waste, battery waste, automobile waste, etc. are causing several many health hazards, due to which many are falling sick. To prevent this, e-waste needs to be scientifically managed and processed. Careers in this field are plenty. As industries become more and more established, the environment becomes cleaner. He also called for the adoption of the Zero Waste Production System. Also, Venkat Reddy Patil, management founder and managing director, Urdhva Management, technicians, industrialists and scientists from all parts of the world are participating in three-day conference.


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