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EKI Energy Services Ltd. launches new arm for Sustainability Services

Posted By : Fiona Fernandes   |   Date : Feb 7 2022 9:20 AM

EKI Energy Services Ltd. launches new arm for  Sustainability Services

EKI Energy Services Ltd. (EKIESL), a leading developer and supplier of carbon credits in the World, today announced the launch of a new arm for its Sustainability Services.

Established after a detailed research on the unique climate compliance requirements of companies today, the new business arm will offer an exhaustive bouquet of strategic solutions such as ESG frameworks, Green Ratings & Credentials and Climate Advisory amongst others, that will enable companies to fast-track their climate goals. The new Sustainability Service arm will offer specialized and customized solutions to companies across all business sectors including start-ups, corporates, Govt. bodies and business conglomerates amongst others across the globe.

The company has also established a new team who will together enhance the service delivery of the sustainable solutions to clients with an aim to drive client satisfaction like never before. EKIESL’s recently appointed Head of Business Development – Mr. Navin Mathur will be leading the new arm with his deep sector knowledge and vast experience.

Mr. Manish Dabkara, CMD & CEO, EKI Energy Services Ltd. said, “Today, even though every activity that an organization undertakes leaves a carbon footprint, climate compliance continues to be a largely voluntary practice by companies. Most organizations are therefore not able to even gauge the adverse effect of their business activities on climate. As climate evangelists, we strongly recommend that it is time every company understood their climate obligations. We have set up this new business arm with this strategic thought process and we aim to first educate companies on the importance on being climate conscious and then onboard them to adopt sustainable practices. With our sustainability services arm, we plan to enable as many companies as possible to become climate action heroes.”

?As part of its revamped offerings, the new business arm will design customized strategic roadmaps with definitive goals and also enable companies to align their ESG and climate goals to global standards and policy guidelines. With EKIESL’s customized reporting and tracking, companies will now be able to measure their real-time progress.

EKIESL’s sustainability service offerings include – ESG disclosures & reporting that can help companies to fast-track their climate goals and achieve higher ESG scores; Green Ratings, credentials and certifications from National and global institutions; Climate change mitigation and Environmental Sustainability Services; GHG Management Systems & Framework and Customized Training Programs and Webinars on all compliance requirements for climate actions.

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