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An enzyme that destroys plastic in a matter of hours? Find out how

Posted By : Deepak Naik   |   Date : May 12 2022 5:43 AM

An enzyme that destroys plastic in a matter of hours? Find out how

Plastic has been captured everywhere from the earth to the ocean. Plastic is being collected in large numbers around us due to human activities. Knowing that plastic does not get destroyed quickly, the use of plastic has not decreased. A few days ago, scientists told that microplastic has reached our lungs.

Got a plastic alternative?

Scientists are engaged in finding an alternative to plastic. According to a report in Science Alert, an enzyme variant can destroy plastic. Tests have shown that this enzyme destroys plastic within a week and even 24 hours. Scientists from the University of Texas have developed this enzyme. The team of scientists has named this enzyme FAST-PETase (Functional, Active, Stable and Tolerant PETase). He made this enzyme from natural PETase. The speed of destruction of plastic by this enzyme in different environments was also recorded differently. After the enzyme variant broke down plastic into basic molecular units, scientists also demonstrated that plastics can be regenerated by chemical processes.

In making FAST-PETase, 51 different post-consumer plastic containers, five different plastic fibers, fabrics, water bottles, etc. were researched. Enzyme proved its mettle by breaking down all types of products. This enzyme will help in reducing plastic from the world. This is not only cheap but also a long-term solution. At present, many people are not recycling plastic and plastic is accumulating in dump yards or landfills. The rate of destruction of plastic is very low here and we all desperately need an alternative to plastic.

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