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PET Release Masterbatches

PET Release Masterbatches

Product Code: RECY-KA-PE-3836
Company: Kandui Industries Pvt Ltd

Material: PET
Pack Size: 25 kgs
Pack Type: PP woven sack
Carrier Resin: PET
Ageing time: 2 years
Bulk Density: 0.850 +/- 0.100 gm/ml
Heat Stability: 300 C
Melting Point: 260°C

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In high output PET perform machines, frequent shot weights are generated due to inconsistent flow and article sticking. Use of mould release sprays will cause production losses. Also we cannot go for robotic handling when we frequently do the spraying.We see this additive as a solution, which can be incorporated directly into the resin. Improves resin flow, improves dispersion of other resin additives (reinforcements, fillers, and pigments), shortens cycle times, reduces temperatures and pressures of moulding machines and reduces or eliminates weld/knit lines. Eliminates the need for an external mould release agent. Optimal addition of additive will not have any adverse effect on physical properties or secondary operations such as decorating, printing, bonding and plating.

PET Release Masterbatches :

ADV/07/0085 is a PET based additive which can be considered as a best release additive. It is a low IV product, which eases the flow and helps reduce processing temperature between 5°C to 10°C. It increases the output between 13% to 15%.

Salient features :

  • Shortens cycle times

  • Improves resin flow/fill

  • Reduces temperature and pressure of moulding machines

  • Improves dispersion of other resin additives

  • Reduces or eliminates weld/knit lines

  • Eliminates the need for an external mould release agent

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