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Pet Crystallizer

Pet Crystallizer

Product Code: RECY-PR-PE-130
Company: Prasad Group

Capacity available:- Suitable for extruder throughput 100 Kg/hr to 500 Kg/hr.
The fixed speed of the agitator makes materials not lump together during crystallization.
High efficiency and even crystallization.
Simplify and improve drying efficiency.
The cyclone dust collector is standard, which is applied to the dust-rich place.

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PET is an excellent option for food applications, with high clarity and high impact strength. With its low specific weight PET is replacing glass, PVC, PP and PS very fast. Its usage in packaging results in a large amount of post-consumer PET waste and also in house some rejects which needs to be recycled to re-use inhouse or for various applications like Box strapping, pelletising, Sheet Line or Polyester fibers. The conventional method needs 2-3 hours of crystallizer with separate tower structures before drying. A new method of recycling PET into pellets or directly into the extruded sheet is said to save time and energy by combining crystallizing and drying with one piece of equipment. The central control maintains the temperature profile in such a way that crystallizing and drying takes place at a time. The operating cost is 40% lesser (less than 0.2 KW/Kg.) so that the moisture level can go from 3% to less than 100 PPM. PET will appear in two different structures, amorphous or crystalline. Amorphous PET is mostly crystal clear, crystallized materials are opaque or white. Once processed, crystalline PET is converted into an amorphous structure and it needs special crystalline treatment before re-processing. The system takes care of conveying flakes, crystallizing, drying and also discharging through vibrating dynamic bottom cone into the extruder directly. The complete system is designed to be used either for 50% of inline waste generated into Thermoforming & sheet line OR outside 100% waste to produce strapping, fiber or pellets.

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