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PET Antibacterial Masterbatches

Company : Kandui Industries Pvt Ltd   |   Raw Material / Re Processed / Masterbatches

PET Antibacterial Masterbatches

Product Code: RECY-KA-PE-3835
Company: Kandui Industries Pvt Ltd

Material: PET
Pack Size: 25 kgs
Pack Type: PP woven sack
Ageing time: 2 years
Bulk Density: 0.850 +/-0.100 gm/ml
Heat Stability: 300 C
Melting Point: 260°C +/- 10°C

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

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PET Antibacterial Masterbatches:

ADV/07/0083 is a silver-based antibacterial additive in a PBT carrier resin. These Masterbatches are effective at low levels against a wide range of microorganisms. High heat resistance and good filterability allows easy and smooth spinning at normal processing temperatures.

Applications in polyester:

Textiles | Under-garments | Knitted fabrics | Carpets | Sport wear | Medical usage fabric

Salient features:

  • High safety performance

  • No skin irritation

  • Intelligent silver ion release control

  • Long-term stable control of silver ion release

  • High antibacterial activity

  • Excellent antimicrobial properties

  • Excellent resistance to discoloration

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