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Olertrap Flush free and Odour Free urinal kit

Company : Koshish Sustainable Solutions Pvt Ltd   |   Sustainable Products / Household / Kitchenware

Olertrap Flush free and Odour Free urinal kit

Product Code: RECY-KO-OL-4969
Company: Koshish Sustainable Solutions Pvt Ltd

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Prime concern of a waterless or flush free urinal is to block the path of foul gases (generated in the drain pipelines due to natural degradation of urine) exiting through the urinal holes, hence removing odour into the rest room. OlerTrap Flush Free Urinals consist of a robust and conservative design, keeping in consideration the rough usage and abuse often encountered with typical Indian Urinals.

Water is needed to ensure food security, feed livestock, maintain organic life, take up industrial production and to conserve the biodiversity and environment. However, with reckless abuse and increasing demand, due to growing population and unsustainable lifestyle, many countries are facing severe water crisis.

Although depletion of water resources is a major issue, flushing toilets & Urinals is not typically recognized as a cause. But each flush uses atleast 1.6 liters of water- Conserve H2O, a Water Providers


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