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LDPE Film 98/2 Bales

Company : 2 Lians Quality First   |   Raw Material / Pre Processed / Scrap / Plastic Scrap

LDPE Film 98/2 Bales

Product Code: RECY-2 -LD-722
Company: 2 Lians Quality First

Material: LDPE
Color: Natural, White, Mix Color
Grade: Film
Type: Post Industrial Waste
Appearance: Film and bag
Supply Ability: 500 Metric Tons per Month
Packaging: Bales

Location: Singapore, Singapore

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If we use plastics commonly without  recycling in large quantities which can have a hazardous impact on health and environment. Plastics are produced from crude oil which is a non-renewable resource and creates a pressure on it. When the plastic is not recycled it will b dumped as landfill which coRecycling Process.

while the plastics are heated they turn from solid to gummy liquid and finally to the fluid as heating temperature is further increased. The melting point of LDPE Plastic Scrap is around 115°celsius which allows a process of ‘float- and- sink’ to separate low-density polyethylene polymer from other polymer materials. The separation process is carried out in a tank using water. As the recycling process ends the polymer liquid material are converted in form of plastic sheets which are sold to manufacturers to produce recycled materials green spaces.

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