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LDPE Film 80-20 Plastic scrap

Company : 2 Lians Quality First   |   Raw Material / Pre Processed / Scrap / Plastic Scrap

LDPE Film 80-20 Plastic scrap

Product Code: RECY-2 -LD-719
Company: 2 Lians Quality First

Material: LDPE
Color: Natural, White, Mix Color
Grade: Film
Type: Post Industrial Waste
Appearance: Film and bag
Supply Ability: 500 Metric Tons per Month
Packaging: Bales

Location: Singapore, Singapore

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LDPE is a thermoplastic which is obtained from petroleum. It is a semi-rigid and translucent polymer. It has a density of 0.910-0.930g/cm3. The LDPE Plastic Structure consists of bundled polymer chains which are placed in an irregular shape. It is perfectly flexible, it can be used at the temperature between −50 °C and 80 °C. The melting point of LDPE is about 120 °C.It is generally used for trays and pots, long life bags and sacks, poly tunnels, protective sheeting, food bags etc. It is also used in wire & cable covering, computer parts such as disk drive, video cards. shrink wrap and container lids.

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