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LDPE Agriculture Fim

LDPE Agriculture Fim

Product Code: RECY-2 -LD-716
Company: 2 Lians Quality First

Material: LDPE
Color: Natural, White, Mix Color
Grade: Film
Type: Post Industrial Waste
Application: Film
Appearance: Film and bag
Supply Ability: 500 Metric Tons per Month
Packaging: Bales

Location: Singapore, Singapore

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LDPE Film Grade is determined by a density range of 0.910-0.940 g / cm3. It does not react at room temperature, except for strong oxidizing agents, and some solvents cause swelling. It can withstand continuous 80 ° C and 95 ° C temperatures for a short time. Made of translucent or opaque variants, it's quite flexible and tough.

LDPE has more branches (about 2% of carbon atoms) than HDPE, so its intermolecular forces (bipolar-bipolar attraction) are weak, its tension is lower, and Its resistance is higher. In addition, because its molecules are not tightly packed and less crystalline due to lateral branches, its density is lower. 

Chemical properties

LDPE Film Grade has excellent durability (no attack / no reaction) with dilute acids and concentrates, alcohols, bases and esters. 

Good resistance (slight attack / very low chemical reaction) to aldehydes, ketones and vegetable oils.

Drought tolerance (significant reaction / chemical reaction, suitable only for short-term use) for fatty and aromatic hydrocarbons, mineral oils, and oxidants. Poor resistance and not recommended for use with halogenated hydrocarbons.


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