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Home Composter

Company : Ekobarn Private Limited   |   Waste Management Industry / Composting / NA

Home Composter

Product Code: RECY-EK-HO-3862
Company: Ekobarn Private Limited

Smell - free, Low Maintenance Home Composting Kits

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Inside the compost maker kit:

  • 2 piece - 22 liter capacity Bin

  • 1 starter kit brochure

  • 1 compressed culture brick

  • 1 hand cultivator (to shuffle the compost)

The bins are scientifically designed for the urban Indian to make them:

  1. Low maintenance

  2. Odour-free

  3. Rodent-free

  4. Fly-free

  5. Lizard-free

  6. Smelly liquid (compost tea) free

One 22 liter bin can hold up to 30 kgs of waste, with an average daily intake of 800g of kitchen waste. The entire bin will take approximately 30 days to fill for a family of four who cooks daily.

No need to stir daily if our compost culture (EkoBrick) is used in moderation. All components of EkoBins are stackable. In addition, we also provide a hand cultivator to shuffle your compost every day.

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