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High speed centrifugal Dewatering Machine

High speed centrifugal Dewatering Machine

Product Code: RECY-TE-HI-248
Company: Technoplast

Motor power: 55Kw
Capacity: 500kg/hour
Motor speed: 1440rpm
The diameter of the screen hole: 3mm
The thickness of screen mesh: 3mm
The dewatering rate: More than 95%
The diameter of the main rotor is 220*16mm(Thickness)
The thickness of paddle: 10mm
Rotation Diameter of the main shaft: 800mm.

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

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Plastic Dewatering Machine with high rotation speed, It's mainly used for dehydrating the plastic flakes and scraps, for example, PET flakes, PE flakes, PP flakes, PC flakes, ABS and PS flakes and scraps. This machine is mainly used to dewater for film scraps to get final good quality film scraps.


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