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HDPE Blue Drum Granules

Company : Nidhi Enterprises   |   Raw Material / Re Processed / HDPE Granules

HDPE Blue Drum Granules

Product Code: RECY-NI-HD-3362
Company: Nidhi Enterprises

Colour: Blue
Material: HDPE
Packaging Size: 25kg
Packaging Type: Bag

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HDPE Blue Granules is Made From 200 Litres Barrel Or Large Blow Mould Products. These Granules Are Manufactured Using Industrial Wastes,Procured From Reliable Sources.This Material is hard in nature and the strength of this material is excellent. It is specially use for manufacturing products which have high pressure.

HDPE Blue Drum Granules? Applications:

  1. HDPE Pipes

  2. DWC Pipes

  3. PLB Pipes

  4. MDPE Pipes

  5. Other Plastic Pipes

  6. Barrels

  7. Blow Mould Water Tank

  8. Milkcan

  9. Containers

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