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HDPE Blow Moulding Extrusion Machine

HDPE Blow Moulding Extrusion Machine

Product Code: RECY-PA-HD-46
Company: Pams Industries

The machines are used for producing toys, device box, and chairs for vans. The salient features of the machine include a heat checking, interactive monitor with an automated method.
Drink/ Food
Cosmetic/Special Attention
Home Element
Morden Industrial

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

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They have a full variety of machines and provide an assured quality product, one of them includes Extrusion HDPE Blow Moulding Machines. They use the highest standard elements that deliver great performance. This machine has made many features, which involves Excellent performance and is simple to control. The machine provides a hassle-free performance for the quality work product. The technology utilised in completing the Extrusion HDPE Blow Moulding Machines in India with superior version and genuinely secured products is utilised.

The machines provide you with compatible performance and are low maintenance. The machine can be utilised to produce pallet, waste cases and street wall.

The HDPE Blow Moulding Machines has got a high extrusion for making goods. The machines are completely automated and more creates low sound. Since the engine is an HDPE Blow Moulding Machines it is managed for producing a chemical container and auto components like a liquid box, fuel box, air conditioner and pipeline.

Features of Extrusion HDPE Blow Moulding Machines:

  • Use Frequency Control of the Motor System to Decrease the Power Use.

  • Use the Flat Movement Frame to Increase Stability and Speed.

  • The Oil Cylinder Is in the Centre of the Mould Board, Normal Stress for Quality Products and Improve Lifetime.

  • Great Stench Guild Rod Controller the Mould Open and Clamp, to Improve the Regularly and High Performance.

  • The Extrusion Head Uses Spreader or Screw Type to Well Blended the Depth and Easy to Change a Different Colour.

  • Excellent Design to Reduce the Melt Material Degrades in the Runner, to Avoid the Work Draw-Down and the Welding Line.

  • The Exact Time Control Method Assured Good Condition, Suitable Weight and Decreases Production Cycle.

  • Easily to Move the Extrusion Support Backwards or Forward to Make the Change of the Mould Easily.

  • Multi-Function Bottom Blowing Standard for Moulded Products.

  • The Production Arm Can Take Out the Product Automatically.

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