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Four Shaft Shredder

Company : Jogindra Engineering   |   Machineries / Recycling Machinery / Shredder

Four Shaft Shredder

Product Code: RECY-JO-FO-3212
Company: Jogindra Engineering

Main blade rotation diameter(mm): 245
Assistant rotation diameter(mm): 270
Main blade quantity(pcs.): 42
Assistant blade quantity(pcs.): 20
Blade(mm): 18.5
Main axle rotating speed(rpm): 25
Capacity (kg/hr): 120-200
Drive Capacity (kW): 12.5×2

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The Four Shaft Shredder is based on the latest machines designed and perfected throughout the years. They can be implicated for almost all applications of plastics, wood and paper shredding. Four shafts rotate at different speeds with tearing, extrusion and bite functions. Electric part has the automatic detecting overload protection function. They have advantages in regularly deloading materials and easily controlling material size, low rotation speed, low noises, large torque and high efficiency. They fit for shredding large and hard objects such as car body, solid industrial waste, medical waste, e-waste, plastic pail, plastic frame, plastic bottle, metal can, metal pail, intertexture bag, fridge, electric circuit board, paper box, wood and so on.


  • Ability to cut any material

  • Less power consumption

  • Low rotation speed results in fine cutting process

  • Low noise level

  • Large torque

  • Low Running cost

  • High efficiency

  • Easy replacement and adjustment of cutting knives Cutting chamber (a) Principle (b)

  • Cutting chamber.

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