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Flim Recycling – Single Stage - Cutter Compactor

Flim Recycling – Single Stage - Cutter Compactor

Product Code: RECY-KB-FL-123
Company: KBM Extrusions Machines Pvt Ltd.

65mm Cutter Compactor (80-100 kgs/hour)
75mm Cutter Compactor (200-250 kgs/hour)
85mm Cutter Compactor (300-350 kgs/hour)
105mm Cutter Compactor (400-450 kgs/hour)
120mm Cutter Compactor (500-700kgs/hour)

Location: Virar, Maharashtra

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Industrial film waste can be best utilized and easily recycled with the smartest operation of this KBM Recycling Machine. This gives the highest value to your waste, better production, and future giving Zero Wastage. Cutter Compactor helps in preheating the material, removing certain moisture before entering the Extruder, giving high performance and quality raw material. Material is first shredded with the help of the blades and compacted to give easy feed to the extruder. Preheating of material helps in removing moisture and some ink content to high rotation in compactor vessel. Extrusion becomes Simple and Energy Efficient giving high-quality pellets and output.

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