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F55HM003 HDPE HM-HDPE Film Granules

Company : M. S. Plast   |   Raw Material / Re Processed / HDPE Granules

F55HM003 HDPE HM-HDPE Film Granules

Product Code: RECY-M.-F5-1012
Company: M. S. Plast

Color: White
Density: 0.955 gm/cc
Grade: F55HM003
Material: HDPE Plastic
Form: Granules
Melt Flow Index (I2): 0.09 gm/10min
Melt Flow Index (I21): 13 gm/10min
Tensile Strength @Yield (MD/TD):350/290 kg/cm2
Tensile Strength @Break (MDTD):500/420 kg/cm2
Elongation @Break (MD/TD):400/500 %
Vicat Softening Point:124 deg C
Dart Impact Strength:7 gm/mic

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

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F55HM0003N is a blown film high-density polyethene grade of high molecular weight, possessing bimodal molecular weight distribution for better processability with excellent mechanical properties. The combination of high strength and excellent drawdown ability makes F55HM0003/F55HM0003N an ideal material for thin gauge film applications. It is recommended for film applications like, carry bags, shopping bags, trash bags, grocery bags industrial liners etc.

Processing Guidelines:

  • Barrel temperature: 180 - 2200 C 

Packaging & Storage:

  • F55HM0003/F55HM0003N is available in natural colour/pellet form in 25 kg strong bags made of woven fabric. The product should be stored in dry conditions at temperatures below 50o C and protected from UV light. 

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