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EkoBrick - Compressed Compost Culture

Company : Ekobarn Private Limited   |   Waste Management Industry / Composting / NA

EkoBrick - Compressed Compost Culture

Product Code: RECY-EK-EK-3863
Company: Ekobarn Private Limited

Compost Culture for Smell and liquid free Composting at home

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Our compressed Ekobricks are 900gm each, specially designed for:

  • odor-free

  • maggots-free

  • pest-free

  • insect-free

home composting experience.

Each EkoBrick makes 10-liters of compost culture after decompression. It contains specialized microbes, bacteria, and coco-peat. This scientifically designed formula will provide the best aerobic environment for the faster and complete digestion of organic waste. It also helps in eliminating bad smell and smelly black liquid (compost tea) for ease of use.

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