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Dual Shaft Shredder Machine

Company : Raj Electricals   |   Machineries / Recycling Machinery / Shredder

Dual Shaft Shredder Machine

Product Code: RECY-RA-DU-3271
Company: Raj Electricals

Feed Width: 500 mm
Voltage: 415 volts ac 3 phase 50 hz
Power Required: 7.5 hp / 5.6 kw
Shred Size: 25 x 60 (uneven)
Machine Dimension (approx): 1350 mm x W 900 mm X H 1850 mm
Duty Cycle: Continuous – non-stop running, no cooling required

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All the models are manufactured using best quality raw material and there is no use of plastic. Dual shaft models can be operated continuously for 24 hours. That is, continuous duty with no cooling required. All the parts can be easily cleaned and lubricated. Double Shaft shredder has multiple applications in waste recycling. It shreds the waste output produced during the production process in various industries which can be further recycled and used.

Operation of dual shaft shredder - when the material is fed into the hopper, the two shafts of cutting blades catch/hook the material and shred/bite the material till it is completely shredded to small uneven particles (uneven because no mesh is involved to filter and hence the output is discharged directly for collection into the trolley. The double shaft shredder machine shredded output is uneven or random.Dual Shaft Shredder is used to shred variety of waste items such as non-woven bags waste, cement bags waste, hard disk drive. It is also used to shred plastic drums. Some of the other applications include shredding of glucose bottles, plastic jars, pet bottles, food waste, vials, saline bottle, saline tubes, ampoules, syringes, catheters, blister packs, lami tubes, hospital waste, PVC blisters, papers, carton, fibre material, etc.

We are known for customization of our machines as per customer’s requirement.

Salient features of Dual Shaft Shredder Machine 

  • Installation and maintenance services on site.

  • Control Panel with auto reverse with anti-jamming feature, 360 degree safety with loto switch.

  • Overload & phase failure Protection.

  • User-friendly and durable machine.

  • No plastic parts used in manufacturing. All metal parts with rugged construction.

  • Vibration free.

  • 3 phase indicator lamps with stop start and reverse inching push buttons.

  • All guards interlocked with limit switch (at extra cost).

  • Run time – Continuous duty.

  • Easy to clean & lubricate.

  • Separate movable trolley is provided to collect the output.

  • Large waste collection trolley for collecting large volumes of output.


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