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Crusher Cum Loader

Company : Associated Technocrats Private Limited   |   Machineries / Recycling Machinery / Washing Line

Crusher Cum Loader

Product Code: RECY-AS-CR-2289
Company: Associated Technocrats Private Limited

Power: Electricity
Material: Plastic
Automation Grade: Automatic
Machine Structure: Vertical, Horizontal

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Our Crusher Cum Loader is well known as a “rigid, rugged and reliable” for Injection molding machine. Sustained accuracies over a long period, low maintenance and ownership cost have given it the optimal mix to become the preferred brand over the last decade. 


  • Machine equipped with automatic loader and material Prorating Valve, can be used to reclaim used material at once. The wasters will be crushed and sent to the molding machine. Minimize waste is guarantee.

  • Used material don''t pass the secondly drying procedure and don''t change its colore. Directly feeding thus make the environment clean and economic.

  • Low speed recycle crusher, is suitable to crush small and undesirable products of forming machine, low rotating speed, low noise, little dust and easy operation.

  • High safety standard design.


  • The materials entrance has magnetic-iron, can absord iron pieces in materials.

  • The crusher is small and has wheels, can be moved easily.

  • Good design for repairing and dismantled.

  • We have V-4E and ASP-23 of blades for customers.

  • Low rotating speed and sound-proofing design make the noise of crushing low.

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