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Compact Blown Film Plant

Company : Heaven Extrusions   |   Machineries / Recycling Machinery / Film Plant

Compact Blown Film Plant

Product Code: RECY-HE-CO-3098
Company: Heaven Extrusions

Mono layer line extruding suitable material: LDPE, LLDPE, HM, HDPE etc.

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The film is applicable for Light duty packaging bags on Food Industries, Garment industries, general purpose carry bag and Pick-up bag. The products are erect, beautiful, high-strength, convenient for stacking, and preventing from slide-down. Especially they are convenient for recycling and reusing, which accords with the requirements of environment protection. High speed compact blown film line a lot of new technique and technology such as powerful Extruder and Spiral type stationery or rotating die head, dual-lip cooling ring, bubble stabilizing device, Height adjustable take off unit, corona treatment station, central-guide friction and Surface or central winder, anti-slip embossing, adjustable edge-folding and forming. The blown film line adopts Heating and control panel cabinet.Mono layer line extruding suitable material: LDPE, LLDPE, HM, HDPE etc.

Compact Blown Film Plant Application :

  • Shopping Bags

  • Pick-up Bag

  • Grocery Bags

  • T-Shirt Bags

  • Laundry bag

  • Garbage bag

  • Garment Bags

  • Courier bags

  • Bags and pouches for fruits, vegetables, refuse bags etc.

Compact Blown Film Plant Technical Specification:

MODEL   HECBL450/35 HD HECBL750/45 LL HECBL900/45 LL
FEATURES Lay Flat mm 150 – 350 mm 450 – 675 mm 450 – 800 mm
  Film Thk 07-75 micron 20-100 micron 20-100 micron
  Max Output 28 kg/hr 60 kg/hr 60 kg/hr
  Screw Dia. (mm) 35G 45G 45G
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