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Black Masterbatches

Company : Kandui Industries Pvt Ltd   |   Raw Material / Re Processed / Masterbatches

Black Masterbatches

Product Code: RECY-KA-BL-3839
Company: Kandui Industries Pvt Ltd

Material: Black Masterbatches
Carbon Content: 10 % to 55%
Appearance: Glossy Black
Compliances: Food grade/Non Food Grade
Heat Stability: up to 350 C
Moisture: less than 0.1 %
Packaging Type: Bag packaging
Pack Size: (3.0 -4.0) X (2.0 -3.0)
Pack Type: PP woven sack

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

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Black Masterbatches are charecterised with high jetness, blue undertone and easy processability. The range consists of Masterbaches suitable for films, pipes, fibers, tapes, rotomoulding, injection/blow moulding & many more Applications.

Masterbatches with high UV stability, food contact approval and other customised requirements can be offered.Besides the standard range, we also offer customized black master batches as per customer's requirement.

Based upon customer needs, Black Masterbatches are manufactured keeping the best balance of :

Tinting strength/ opacity Film / surface smoothness / UV stability and Weatherability / Masterbatch Dilutability & Dispersability Undertone {blue tone or yellow tone (if required)} Mechanical Properties (if required).

For specific applications Filter Pressure is also measured to ensure smooth processing of these masterbatches.

We are one of the leading manufacturers of Polyester Black Masterbatches for the following Textile applications :

  • Partially Oriented Yarn (POY)

  • Fully Drawn Yarn (FDY)Fibres (PSF).

  • Fibres (PSF)


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