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Black Masterbatches

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Black Masterbatches

Product Code: RECY-SK-BL-3776
Company: SKE Masterbatches

 Excellent Dispersion
 Good surface finish
 Low dosage
 Smaller particle size

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Black Masterbatches are concentrates of carbon-black in a polymer carrier. They offer a convenient way of incorporating carbon-black in thermoplastic products, to provide black color and improve UV-resistance, without contamination by dust and with good dispersion which is essential for maximum opacity and good UV- stabilization.The particle size of carbon black and concentration of carbon black in masterbatches plays a major role in performance of the end products. At SKE, we use carbon of fine particle size, which brings in proper dispersion and high tinting strength in masterbatches. Usually, we manufacture 30%, 40%, 50% carbon black masterbatches for films, mouldings and filaments.


  •  Excellent Dispersion

  •  Good surface finish

  •  Low dosage

  •  Smaller particle size

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