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AQUAFLEX - Downward Extrusion Water Quenched Blown Film Lines

Company : RAJOO ENGINEERS LIMITED   |   Machineries / Recycling Machinery / NA

AQUAFLEX - Downward Extrusion Water Quenched Blown Film Lines

Product Code: RECY-RA-AQ-1080

The AQUAFLEX downward blown film line uses chilled water instead of air to cool the bubble and offers fast cooling which keeps the crystallinity of the film low while maintaining its amorphous nature resulting in high clarity film with gloss and exceptional puncture and tear resistance.

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AQUAFLEX opens up a range of completely new packaging solutions, including 3-layer PE or PP products for medical applications as well as 5and 7 barrier films for optimum thermoforming and sealing characteristics. The AQUAFLEX - downward blown film lines are available in multilayer configuration to produce a substitute for less stringent applications of BOPP and CPP films. With the core layer of sealant polymer grade, the outer layer could be of a designer resin grade or a simple homopolymer for achieving the appropriate property mix. AQUAFLEX is available in up to 7 layer configuration to produce variety of films with output of upto 400kg/hour including asymmetrical film structures with nylon.

While mono and two layer lines are available with oscillating die, the 3, 5 and 7 layer lines are available with oscillating haul-off with advanced automation features like integrated material conveying, gsm control, gravimetric blending and dosing, automatic thickness control, fully automatic center-gap-surface winder and integrated touch screen based supervisory process control.

Thermoformable asymmetric film for food packaging, Vacuum bags, Oil packaging, Blood bags and Saline bags

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