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Anti-Rodent MB(Anti-Rodent Masterbatch)

Company : Blend Colours   |   Raw Material / Re Processed / Masterbatches

Anti-Rodent MB(Anti-Rodent Masterbatch)

Product Code: RECY-BL-AN-1761
Company: Blend Colours

Packaging Type: Bag
Packaging Size: 25 Kgs
Density: 0.90-1.10
Usage/Application: Cables & Wires,Duct Pipes,DWC Pipes & Drip Pipes
Country of Origin: Made in India
Dosage: 5%
Active Content: 10%

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 Anti-Rodent Masterbatches, which acts by making the article very bitter which is distasteful to rodents.

These aromatic bitter compounds are extremely unpleasant to nibble/chew

Using our MB ensures that there is no danger of fire due to electrical short circuit caused by rodents which eat away the eletrical insulation.

Anti-Rodent Masterbatches offers you:

Execellent protection against rodent

Safe for rodents

Low dosage level

Non-toxic and RoHS Compliance

High effectiveness due to controlled release of active substance.


Duct Pipes

Cables & Wires

Drip Pipes

DWC Pipes

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