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Additives Masterbatches

Company : Bankim Plast Pvt Ltd   |   Raw Material / Re Processed / Masterbatches

Additives Masterbatches

Product Code: RECY-BA-AD-2812
Company: Bankim Plast Pvt Ltd

Usage/Application: Plastic Industry
Material: Plastic
Form: Granules

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The attributes of the plastic can significantly enhance the industrial application outcomes and offer distinct features complementing the plastic product and offer real value to the end consumers.We understand that each process is different requiring different plastic properties and therefore provide our customers with customized solutions to achieve desired results.We offer a range of additive features to enable products to achieve desired properties and give an edge to our client's products

Our range of additives consist of

  • Bio degradable

  • Anti-static

  • Slip

  • Mould Release

  • Sealing Additive

  • UV Stabilisers

  • Anti-Oxidant

  • Anti-block

  • Processing aidNon Migratory slipsSilicon CompoundsAntimicrobialSlip- ANtiblocks

  • AntiFog

  • Bonding Agents

  • PIB

  • VCI

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