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RECYCLEAN is a First-of-it’s-kind Online Platform exclusively focused on Recycling and Waste Management.

Being an Online Portal and an Exclusive Marketplace, meant to cater for the needs of the Recycling & Waste Management Industry, our services aren't limited to B2B and B2C but goes Extensively Beyond.

What makes us stand out from the Rest!
With RECYCLEAN, We are building an Organized, Unidirectional, and Streamlined Ecosystem, whereby the potential Stakeholders of Recycling and Waste Management will have End-to-End connectivity for creating Business Opportunities and Networking Solutions.

Our Mission!
Since its inception, RECYCLEAN is relentlessly working towards its mission of strengthening the Recycling scenario in India.

The Problem!
The Waste Management Sector in India works, unfortunately, much in a fragmented, and unorganized manner. The problem is the huge connectivity gap, especially between the potential stakeholders of the industry. Lack of Information, Knowledge of Market Trends, and most importantly, no or very little familiarity with Digital Tools are some other yet crucial constraints for the Waste Management Sector in India.

The Solution!
By providing its Stakeholders an Organised Ecosystem equipped with Digital Tools, RECYCLEAN is leading its way into becoming one of the Most Rapidly Expanding Networks of Technology Providers, Producers, Importers, Manufacturers, Brand owners, Recyclers, NGOs, Educational Institutions, and other potential stakeholders of the Recycling and Waste Management worldwide.

So whether you are a Producer engaged in producing Polymers/Granules, or a Manufacturer of Recycling Machineries or Plastic Products, or a Consultant for a Recycling Industry, or maybe an Environmental Startup, or just another Individual keen to associate as well as stay abreast with the News, Innovations and Events, we, at RECYCLEAN, are tenaciously working towards creating an ecosystem, where all these stakeholders will have an opportunity to give their pursuit a digital edge. Thus, helping them Find Solutions to their Buying and Selling Needs as well as Make valuable Business Connections.

What’s in for you?

  • Integrated Online Platform with End-to-End Connectivity.
  • Marketplace for New and Used Recycling Machineries.
  • Marketplace for Recycled Goods and Raw Materials.
  • Consulting and Sponsored services.
  • Online Marketing
  • Advertising Space
  • Events and Information
  • Newsletters
  • Tenders and Government Notifications